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    Christian Counseling for Mothers

    Jesus is the single most important thing in your life. He is your hope. The core of your identity. You believe in the power of prayer and asking for God’s peace and direction. The Bible is your guide for life.

    Lately, the demands of life and motherhood have made it difficult to spend time with God which feeds into your current anxiety. You try to attend church weekly, but often stay home because it’s hard to manage a baby (or little ones) in church. Even if they go to childcare there’s the getting them ready, fed, packed, figuring out nap schedules….it’s exhausting. In fact, going anywhere seems exhausting. 

    Maybe you used to be part of a small group, but it doesn’t logistically work in your schedule anymore. You stopped going after having your baby and now you are too tired at the end of the day to start going again. Or maybe you’ve been hurt by the church or its leadership in some way which has made you feel even more disconnected and apathetic. You hate to admit it, but you spend more time scrolling on social media than reading your Bible. You feel isolated, alone, and tired which you know is a battleground for spiritual warfare, but you can’t get yourself out of it. Nothing seems to be getting easier or improving…..

    Let’s work together to reorient your focus. 

    Together, we will fight the lies of the enemy and find practical ways to reorient your focus on the Lord! I am a trained Christian Counselor and will always respect that your number one priority is building a relationship with God. I share your values and provide counseling from a clinical, yet biblical perspective.

    Together, we will get you to a place where you feel in sync with the Holy Spirit. You will experience the fruits of the spirit guiding your life, parenting, and marriage. Let’s transform from the inside, out – please send me a message today to schedule a free consultation.