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    Pregnancy and Postpartum Counseling

    Everyone tells you that you fall in love with your baby immediately. That being a mother is instinctual and will come easily. That you can rest when the baby rests. You believed that would happen too….

    Instead, it’s been anxiety, exhaustion, sadness, isolation, and feeling like a failure. Maybe you’ve always struggled with a little bit of anxiety, but since having your baby, you’ve noticed it has increased. You are constantly on edge and stressed – not sure you know what you are doing. You’ve been going through the motions, but it’s like you are in a fog. You worry that you are losing it and that you will never be yourself again. Your self-doubt feels all consuming.

    Maybe you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster, and it feels like everything you do is an effort. You wonder why you are always on the verge of tears. Sometimes you are so anxious that you can’t sit still and feel a sense of doom. You are overstimulated and touched out. You wonder, when is this going to get easier? Things seem a little dark right now and nothing seems to be improving.

    You are not alone, I can help! 

    Please know that you are not the only one who has felt these feelings in motherhood. In fact, it is very common! As a Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Therapist, I want to assure you that your feelings are normal, you are not alone, and you will get better. 

    I have specific skills to help you overcome these feelings and come out of this fog feeling confident and connected! You will feel rested and at peace. You will look forward to each day knowing that you will be able to be fully present without the nagging anxiety and irritability. I would love to help you feel like you again. 

    All sessions are online, so babies and children are always welcome. Please send me a message and let’s get started today!