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    Anxiety Counseling for Moms

    Do you feel anxious or irritable most days? There’s nothing in particular that is “wrong,” but more a build-up of life over the last couple of years. It feels like it’s one step forward, two steps back. You’ve thought that you were doing okay, but the longer time passes, the more you realize that you are not yourself. You are overwhelmed, on edge, and over the top irritable. 

    You know that your mood sets the tone for the whole house and lately, that has been rough. Little things are bothering you a lot more than you feel they should. The other night your baby was repeatedly throwing food off her highchair and you felt a sense of rage come out of nowhere.

    On top of being emotional and irritable, it’s been really hard for you to get things done lately. You are usually good a multitasking, but you’ve had a harder time focusing. It takes a lot of energy to get things done on your to-do list. 

    Maybe your body is giving you warning signs like frequent headaches, stomach issues, chronic fatigue, or constant sickness. You know that your stress is wearing down your body, but can’t seem to get out of the anxiety cycle. 

    If any of this resonates with you – I am here to help! 

    As a Certified Anxiety Counselor (CCATP), I have specific skills and strategies that will help get you to the place you want to be. I understand that while motherhood is amazing and transformational, it’s also challenging. It can bring up old stuff that we thought we had moved past. 

    Together, we will build a toolbox so that you can feel calm and confident again. You will be able to wake up every morning with energy – knowing that you have the tools and knowledge to take control of your anxiety. You will have a new sense of gratitude and ability to be fully present in your life and relationships.

    I believe we can hold multiple truths about motherhood: it is wonderful and it is also really hard! I will honor your experience in a space where you can keep it real. 

    Investing in your mental health is the gift that keeps giving! You will be amazed at the transformation that will happen in your marriage and parenting. I can’t wait for you to get started – please send me a message today!